☐ 'Round the bend, the sun is in the sky ☐

My name is Jaden. I like everything under the sun.

"After all, tomorrow is another day." -Gone With the Wind

Thursday August 9th - 3:11pm

20 notes tags: london winter snow townhouses pretty photography uk

Sunday July 8th - 1:44pm

35 notes tags: owl animal snow winter snow owl

Sunday April 1st - 6:15pm

22 notes tags: hot chocolate marshmallows drink warm winter fall cold

Friday March 9th - 9:49pm

17 notes tags: paris france europe eiffel tower snow winter wintertime beautiful cold

Friday March 9th - 9:48pm

10 notes tags: europe snow beautiful winter wintertime cold building architecture houses homes home house townhouse

Wednesday February 1st - 5:09pm

11 notes tags: coffee latte drink warm fall winter china cup mug teacup

Sunday January 29th - 5:25pm

25 notes tags: cafe mocha latte coffee drink cream winter fall hot warm

Sunday January 29th - 4:09pm

16 notes tags: coffee latte cute drink warm winter fall

Sunday January 15th - 9:20pm

22 notes tags: trench coat tights flats cute girl city outfit clothes fashion style fall winter outfit

Sunday January 15th - 7:44pm

13 notes tags: starbucks coffee candy cane winter christmas holidays drink latte

Thursday January 5th - 5:16pm

26 notes tags: new york city nyc manhattan brooklyn girl bike blonde hair dress black leather jacket cute fashion sports snow winter christmas weather lights stores road street traffic taxi

Monday December 26th - 12:42pm

18,724 notes tags: lights winter rain christmas holidays golden night beautiful pretty

Monday December 26th - 12:34pm

896 notes tags: town city love cute lights winter snow christmas holidays

Monday December 26th - 12:30pm

103 notes tags: new york nyc snow winter christmas holiday december weather taxi lights city

Saturday December 24th - 10:27am

38 notes tags: christmas lights winter holiday snow twinkle town cute love

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